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Over the last few decades the religious landscape in Europe changed significantly. However, the existing policies mostly failed to adequately address the growing pluralism, especially with regards to the public space. In my research I am studying the ways in which different religions interact with each other, offer help in understanding their primary needs and propose solutions for transforming spiritual diversity into a positive value in society.

These overall interests are studied on a more concrete basis in my PhD project, which focuses on the so-called “Multi-Faith Spaces”, i.e. spaces which can be found in public institutions such as schools, hospitals or airports which, regardless of individual beliefs, offer a convenient place to pray or contemplate during a busy day. By studying existing spaces in Sweden I aim to bring both descriptive and normative results that can be used to better understand and improve such spaces, and, in turn, support religious sustainability.



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Ryszard Bobrowicz

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Centrum för teologi och religionsvetenskap


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