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Exchange studies

Information from Lund University about exchange studies.

En munks händer.

Courses offered in English

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Jerusalem, Israel.

Master´s program: Religious Roots of Europe

Study Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in our master’s program Religious Roots of Europe

The Great Day of His Wrath. Oljemålning av John Martin.

At the End of the World

A Transdisciplinary Approach to the Apocalyptic Imaginary in the Past and Present.

Parisinus Graecus 2244, folio 29 verso.

HIPPO: Knowledge, Magic and Horse Medicine in Late Antiquity

A collaborative project with Istituto Svedese in Rome.

Hand med hennamålning.

Lund Lecture Series on Indian Religions

A resource for researchers, teachers and students.

Podcasts and blogs

Ukrainas flagga.

Podcast episodes about Ukraine

From the podcasts "Religion in Praxis" and "Religion och Teologi".

Färgat glas.

Religion in Praxis

Blog and Podcast.

Detaljbild med ett fönster i taket.

Religion och Teologi

A podcast from CTR.