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Network for Jewish Studies

Network for Jewish studies

Jewish studies include studies in Jewish religion, culture, history, literature and languages, such as Hebrew and Yiddish. Lund University is currently making a special investment in Jewish studies and has been awarded a major grant for this purpose from the LMK foundation.

We are now working on increasing collaboration between different departments at Lund University which conduct research and teaching that concern Jewish studies in some way, and in the long term we want to set up a collaboration with Uppsala University and other Scandinavian universities where there is interest in Jewish studies.

In autumn 2018, the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies will appoint its first postdoc in Jewish studies from the University of Manchester. Her research project deals with the interaction between Jews, Christians and Muslims in late Antiquity, a boundary-crossing subject that we hope will further reinforce collaboration between different disciplines and departments.

This page functions as a news channel, advertising talks by visiting scholars, seminars and other events linked to Jewish studies.


Forum för judiska studier, Uppsala universitet


"Yiddish as a Minority Language in Sweden" with Dr. Jan Schwarz.
Lecture at University of Texas, Austin. November 14, 2018.

Jerusalem Summer School

Jerusalem Summer School 24 - 28 June 2019 (PDF)