About us

Welcome to CTR!

Since the foundation of Lund University in 1668, there has always been a faculty of Theology and Religious studies, though its name may have changed over time. Today, you will find the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies (CTR) in the LUX building, which is home to several departments within the field of humanities.

CTR offers courses in many different subjects within Theology and Religious studies, and encouraging teachers and administrators to help you. Our subjects include:

  • History of Religions
  • Religious Behavioural Science
  • Islamology
  • Jewish Studies
  • Old Testament Exegesis
  • New Testament Exegesis
  • Church History
  • Missiology with ecumenism
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Ethics
  • Systematic Theology

Courses and programmes at CTR

The Faculties of Humanities and Theology offer a number of programmes and courses that are taught in English and in other languages. Most of the courses that are taught in English are at an advanced level, but the SAS-courses (Special Area Studies) and a certain number of other courses are available for undergraduate students. A comprehensive list of courses in English can be found at The Joint Faculties’ homepage.

Gradual studies including a small number of courses taught in English. Most courses are given in Swedish, using literature in Swedish and English. Presentations of the many disciplines at CTR are found here (in Swedish). Courses in English can be found via The Joint Faculties’ homepage.

Religious Roots of Europe (RRE) is a two-year Nordic Master’s programme offered by CTR in cooperation with three other Nordic universities. The programme is taught entirely in English.

Postgraduate studies are available in many subjects and can be completed entirely in English. Please see general information at The Joint Faculties’ homepage for more information.

Application and guidance

CTR’s academic advisors can be contacted via the Study Guidance site.

All applications to courses at CTR or other departments of Lund University are made via the Swedish Universities’ central application portal.

The site Study in Sweden provides additional help and information for international students wishing to apply to Swedish universities.

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