International Exchange Programmes

To a large extent, the studies and research within Religious Studies and Theology concern international phenomena. Many of our teachers visit universities around the world as guesting teachers and researchers. International students come to CTR for postgraduate studies, or gradual studies of subjects not offered at their home universities, such as Islamology or Jewish Studies. The discipline of Islamology is unique within the Nordic countries, and at CTR a number of courses are offered in English each year.

Students at CTR have plenty of opportunities for international exchange studies, as Lund University offers exchange programmes on many different levels. Most departments have special agreements with corresponding departments at other universities, where you can apply for exchange studies within the departments’ field. There are also exchange agreements between Lund University and other universities that operate on a more general level, meaning that application is open to all of Lund’s students and not related to specific fields or subjects.

For more information about exchange studies via the Faculties of Humanities and Theology, see Studying abroad.

For more information about LU’s general exchange programmes, see General exchange programs.

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