Research and postgraduate studies (involving approximately 90 doctoral students) are carried out in a number of disciplines:

History of Religions studies the major world religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism and the religions of the indigenous peoples of North America, on the basis of primary sources and field research. The discipline of Islamology is unique within the Nordic countries. The research project ‘Beyond Theology: Ancient Polemics, Identity Formation, and Modern Scholarship’ combines Jewish Studies with New Testament Exegesis. Biblical studies, divided into Old Testament and New Testament Exegesis, is concerned with the origins and interpretation of the Bible. The project ‘Horses and Dragons’ examines Indo-European peoples and languages in the world of the Old Testament. A project funded by the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company examines ways of helping future generations to understand the language we use, what it takes to reconstruct a dead language, and how to describe an obsolete technology. Research in Church History specializes in Swedish ecclesiastical life from an international perspective and in early Christendom (Patristics). A major research programme examines the emergence of a Christian educational tradition within early monasticism; another, the history of the cathedral chapter of Lund over 1,000 years. Practical theology studies typically Christian practices historically and in the present day. Missiology with ecumenism is an international discipline with a large budgetary allocation devoted to research into African Christinaity. Theology of Religion is concerned with the interaction between Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths and traditions. Systematic theology examines interpretations of the Christian faith historically and in the present day. Philosophy of Religion, including Ethics, studies religion from the vantage point of classical philosophical and ethical questions, respectively.

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