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Jewish Studies

Welcome to Jewish Studies at Lund University!

Are you interested in Judaism, Jewish culture and history, Hebrew or Yiddish? In that case,  Lund University has a lot to offer!

Centre for Theology and Religion Studies (CTR) has a wide range of Jewish Studies courses from antiquity to modern times, which can be combined with studies in modern Hebrew and Yiddish at the Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL).

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Jewish studies


Modern Hebrew

In addition, the departments of History and Political Science often offer special courses in modern Jewish history, the Holocaust, Israel and the Middle-East conflict.


OCT 23 | 16.15 | LUX C126, Helgonavägen 3, Lund 

Lecture by Jonathan Cahana, Hebrew University of Jerusalem:
"A bitch, a mother, a sinner, a saint: Gnostic Sophia Reconsidered in Light of Second Temple Judaism and the New Testament." More info (PDF)

SEP 18 | 16:15 | LUX: C126, Helgonavägen 3, Lund 

Professor Rivka Halévy Némirovsky föreläser över ämnet Allusions to the Struggle between God and the Monsters of the Sea in Genesis 1 and Beyond. Efteråt följer en diskussion med Ola Wikander (lektor i Gamla testamentets exegetik) och Katharina Keim (postdoktor i judaistik). Rivka Halévy Némirovsky är professor emerita vid Hebrew University of Jerusalem och besöker Lunds universitet som ett led i ett Erasmusutbyte. På måndagen och tisdagen besöker hon SOL.

MAY 22 | 15.15 | LUX:C121, Helgonavägen 3, Lund

Lecture by Marci Shore, Associate Professor of history, Yale University

Title: Jews and Cosmopolitanism: An Arc of European Thought

Arranged by Jewish Studies (CTR) and Central-and Easteuropean Studies (SOL)

More information (PDF)


12 MARS | 14.00 -16.00 | Konsert i hörsalen, Språk- och litteraturcentrum

Jiddisch programmet, Lunds universitet presenterar:


Shtoltse lider – Stolte Sange


Louise Vase (DK) - sång, piano, komposition
Ida Gillner (SE) - sopransaxofon, sång, komposition

Läs mer här (PDF)


MARCH 12 2019 | 14.15–16.00 | LUX C:215, Helgonavägen 3 Lund

Wisdom and Torah in Jewish Antiquity: What Can We Learn from the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Lecture by Dr Elisa Uusimäki from the University of Helsinki (a collaboration between Hebrew Bible, New Testament and Jewish Studies).

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9 MARS 2019 | 13-15 | LUX A:332, Helgonavägen 3 Lund

Lior Becker, doktorand vid Hugo Valentin Centrum i Uppsala, presenterar sitt avhandlingsprojekt tillsammans med två andra doktorander vid det högre seminariet på Historiska institutionen vid Lunds universitet. Alla är välkomna!


DECEMBER 11 2018

Yiddish, Jewish Studies and European Studies present the lecture: ‘Jews and the Left’
Professor Jack Jacobs, Department of Political Science, John Jay College, New York City
16.30-18.00 in Absalon 339.

See programme (PDF) (PDF)


OCTOBER 29 2018

Yiddish and Network for Jewish Studies invites to a screening of the silent movie: East and West - Austria 1923 – 75 minutes.

See programme (PDF) (PDF)


28 OKTOBER 2018

Jan Schwarz, Docent i jiddisch, Lunds Universitet, inbjuder till Jiddischseminarium.
Se program (PDF) (PDF)


OCTOBER 23-24 2018 | LUX Helgonavägen 3, Lund

Centre for European Studies (CFE), the Network of Jewish Studies and Yiddish present a lecture and seminar with Dr Vasileios Syros.

For more details click here (PDF) (PDF).


OCTOBER 3 2018 | 16:00–18:00 | LUX:C121 | Helgonavägen 3 

Jewish–Christian Interaction in Late Antique Palestine: Texts and Material Culture

Brief Lectures and Discussion on:

"Building Jewish and Christian Identity in Late Antique Capernaum: Problems and Prospects"

Wally Cirafesi, University of Oslo

"Jewish/Non-Jewish Relations in Palestine in Late Antiquity and the Early Medieval Period"

Katharina Keim, Lund University

Response by Ulla Tervahauta, University of Copenhagen.

Katharina Keim and Wally Cirafesi will present their respective postdoctoral projects.

Religious Roots of Europe and Jewish Studies at CTR