List of Panels

Below you will find a list of the panels that are being planned for the upcoming Mission and Money conference. This list might be subject to changes.


1. Partnership in the Context of Inequalities

Chair: Jonas Adelin Jørgensen


2. Exploring Economies of the Spirit - Discourses of Wealth and Money in Charismatic Christianity in Eastern Africa

Chair: Martin Lindhardt


3. Mission, Aid and Development in Africa: Beyond the Western Paradigm for Social Transformation

Chair: Stan Chu Ilo


4. Discourses on the Pentecostal Prosperity Gospel - Reflections from the Margins

Chair: Andreas Heuser


5. Migrant Churches & Money: Economic and Religious Winners or Losers?

Chair: Daniel Frei


6. Faithbased NGOs and Economic Development

Chair: Päivi Hasu


7. Missions, Economies and Biblical Hermeneutics

Chair: Ulrich Duchrow


8. Mission History from Denominational Perspectives

Chair: Kristin Norseth


9. Rethinking Mission in a Global Context

Chair: Mika Vähäkangas


10. Indian Christianities, Integral Mission and Economies

Chair: Jyri Komulainen