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born 1958, D. Th., professor of practical theology.

My main research interest is church life in Europe during the Middle Ages: divine services of various kinds, preaching, the cult of saints, monasticism, Biblical interpretation, theological thinking, church buildings and their symbolism, poetry and art. Because some of the texts I have worked on have been unpublished, I have had to study manuscripts and produce critical editions – a necessity that soon became a passion.

Medieval studies require collaboration between many different subjects; that is why I lead an interdisciplinary medieval seminar called Academia Lundensis Medii Aevi (ALMA). Another interdisciplinary activity is the publication of a series of books about the Cathedral of Lund in order to mark its ninth centenary in 2023, where I function as editor-in-chief.

Since the majority of my students are studying to become Lutheran ministers, my teaching is mainly about present-day church life, particularly in the Church of Sweden.


About the research

At present my research deals mainly with medieval sermons and Biblical commentaries. I am working on editions of two rather large Latin texts: a commentary on Joshua written in 1155 in the Benedictine monastery of Admont, Austria, and a collection of sermons probably written in the Cistercian abbey of Alvastra, Sweden, in the early thirteenth century. I also continue to take an interest in the Augustinian Order in Denmark during the Middle Ages, especially the monastery of Dalby, as well as baptism in theory and practice during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. I stay in close touch with research on late medieval sermons and on St. Birgitta and the Birgittine Order, and plan a major research project on sermon collections from the library of Vadstena Abbey.


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Stephan Borgehammar

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