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My research interest is mainly in transformative philosophy, more precisely the idea of personal transformation pertaining to philosophical method. Of special interest is the role of perceived truth as a philosophical obstacle.

It is my contention that philosophy stands reduced when confined, as is sometimes the case,to any specific methodology or conception of the nature of truth and/or reality. In my view, what's philosophical about philosophy is its relentless curiosity, leaving no stone unturned. Now, it may be that this unturning of stones must stop at some point, but philosophy would do well, I think, to appreciate the radically unphilosophiocal nature of this move.


About the research

My research deals with questions along the likes of:

1) How can philosophy serve to facilitate personal growth?

2) Which, if any, philosophies have, historically speaking, explicitly harbored such ambitions, and in virtue of what?

3) Is it possible that perceived truth can block our way forward epistemically?

4) Is it in any way legitimate for philosophy to operate with lies in the name of epistemic progress?

5) Has it ever done so?

6) What extrarational circumstances does philosophy have do deal with, if it is to promote learning in the full sense, i.e. personal growth, integration and transformation?


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Per Lind

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Studies in Faith and World Views
Centre for Theology and Religious Studies

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