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I work as a scholar and teacher in New Testament Studies, a discipline which deals with the New Testament texts in their original environment, i.e., what the texts meant when they were written, and what they later were understood to mean. The historical study of the New Testament calls for a broad competence including ancient history and Greco-Roman religions. The New Testament was originally written in Greek so anyone who wants to study the subject seriously needs to read the texts in the original. I teach mainly an introductory course in New Testament Greek where also hermeneutical aspects are addressed. A complete, downloadable CV is available below.


About the research

My main research area is the early Jesus movement's development and its transition from a Jewish movement to a non-Jewish, new religion, Christianity, in the beginning of the second century. In my dissertation (2003) I specifically addressed the issue of the separation between Jews and non-Jews in the early Jesus Movement.

In my second monograph (2009) I treat the emergence of the traditional perspective of the Apostle Paul, which is essentially a normative theological paradigm. I am currently working on a third monograph, based on the hypothesis that Paul never left Judaism, arguing that the conflicts within the movement probably concerned various strategies for dealing with the relations between Jews and non-Jews in the Jesus Movement.

This is an extraordinarily dynamic field of research where there is a lot going on currently. Many old, often confessionally motivated, truths are overturned and need to be replaced by new models based on scholarly points of departure.


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The Clio Prize 2002

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Collegium Patristicum Lundense 2009–
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Magnus Zetterholm

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Centre for Theology and Religious Studies

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