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I am responsible for sociology of religion at CTR. My research interests are mainly the place and function of religion in today's society linked to migration and globalization, religion in health care, and religiosity of young people. Other research areas that I work with are religious organizations as civil society actors and the Orthodox and Oriental communities in Sweden. I am also secretary of Religion Sociology Association in Sweden.


About the research

1. Christian migrants in Sweden with focus on Orthodox and Oriental Christians
In this project I seek answers to how a Christian identity is created among Orthodox and Eastern Christian in a secular but culturally Christian Sweden.

2. Religion in health care
In this project we aim to study if users of health care have wishes to be treated out of a multicultural perspective and if they do or had met this in their contact with health care, what they think about it.

3.Muslim integration through inter-faith cooperations
The aim of the research is to study how Islam in Sweden is understood and incorporated trough cooperation with other denominations.

4. Youth, Participation, Health.
With young people in Simrishamn towards sustainable strategies for empowerment, quality of life and health equity


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Magdalena Nordin

History of Religions and Religious Behavioural Science
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