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Johan Nilsson is a PhD candidate in the history of religions at the Centre for Theology and Religious Study, Lund University. Nilsson is primarily interested in esoteric and occult movements active during the 19th and 20th century. In his research and teaching he focuses on questions pertaining to the interaction between esoteric movements and broader societal trends, such as the political engagement of some esoteric movements in questions of universal suffrage and the temperance movement. Nilsson is currently working on a project studying the impact of occult movements during the late 19th and early 20th century on the perception of East Asian religion.


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Teaching autumn 2019

Johan Nilsson

Doctoral Student
History of Religions and Religious Behavioural Science
Centre for Theology and Religious Studies

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E-mail johan.nilssonctr.luse

Phone +46 46 222 43 29

Room LUX:B326

Visiting address Helgonavägen 3, Lund

Postal address Box 192, 221 00 Lund

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