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Since 2014 I have been a doctoral student in New Testament exegesis. I received a Master in New Testament studies (2013) specialized in historical Jesus research. To this, I have made several minor studies focused on e.g. 1 Corinthians, Romans and Hebrews, as well as on women in the early church. Aside from my theological studies, I have studied several (mainly Semitic) ancient and modern languages and psychology.

My general research interest is on the Jewish context of Jesus and Paul, their Jewish identities and missions, and the influence of Jewish literature upon the New Testament writings. I also have a great interest in the history of NT scholarships, especially Pauline studies.

After living in Israel for a period (2014), I became more and more interested in Bible reception and its used in Jewish-Christian relations and politics. Along this, I am much interested in contemporary Jewish and Christian realities in Israel.

I also regularly teach in Jewish and Christian settings.


About the research

How did Paul view the relationship between Jews and Christ believing gentiles? Or rather, how do we today, as scholars and religious leaders, interpret Paul’s writing about this highly relevant and discussed topic? How do we handle these texts today, in building our own identity and “the Other’s” identity, and in Jewish-Christian relations?

These are questions I deal with in my research.

Unusual for a Biblical scholar, I will be doing fieldwork in Israel investigating how three groups of religious leaders interpret Pauline texts. The empirical results are compared and discussed with scholarly interpretations through modern history of the same texts.


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Jennifer Nyström

Doctoral Student
Biblical Studies
Centre for Theology and Religious Studies

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