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I am a Ph D. Student in history of religion since 2011. Teach at the course Religion and Politics that is offered in both Swedish and English.


About the research

My general interest is in the relation between religion and politics in the post secular society, and more specific I focus on the environmental- and social justice movement that is in the intersection between religion and politics.

My research lies within the emerging research field “The Humanities and Climate Change”, where humanistic disciplines, such as History of Religion, study the challenges people face, and the different responses that are given in relation to climate crises.

The working title for my dissertation is Spiritual Activism for a Deeper Ecology, and I study how the Gandhian tradition of Non-violence is implemented in contemporary ecological movement, and how Deep Ecology change as a response on climate crisis.

The aim is to study how non-violence and deep ecological ideas are transformed into a practice, in the creation of institutions/organizations, and how they are implemented in actions and activism. The central questions are how these religiously inspired environmental movements formulate a criticism of the economic system, which alternative social and economic system that is put forward, and which methods and means for change that are suggested.

Supervisors are Professor Anne-Christine Hornborg, and Professor Olle Qvarström

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Other tasks and qualifications


Conference participation:
"Spiritual Activism for a Deeper Ecology" at 11th EASR Conference, Ends and Beginnings, Södertörn Stockholm, 23-26 August 2012.

"Satish Kumar and Vandana Shiva". Sixth European PhD Workshop in South Asian Studies, September 17-19, 2012, Swedish South Asian Studies Network, SASNET - University of Lund.

Ive Brissman

Doctoral Student
History of Religions and Religious Behavioural Science
Centre for Theology and Religious Studies

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