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Henrik Johnsén


  • Church History
  • Centre for Theology and Religious Studies

Contact information

E-mail henrik.johnsenctr.luse

born 1967, dr. theol. in Church History.

Ph.D, Lund University, 2007
B.A., Uppsala University, 1997

I'm since 2009 a research fellow in “Early monasticism and Classical Paideia”, a seven years research program at Lund University.

My research interests concerns late Antiquity and early Christianity, and especially early monasticism, but also Greco-Roman moral philosophy, late antique literary composition and literary aesthetics. I'm particularly interested in the cultural changes in the transition from Greco-Roman late antiquity to Christian early Middle Ages.

Courses taught:
KRM C12 Church and Mission Studies: Level 3 A
TRV N08 Emergence of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
TRV N03 Thesis colloquium
TRV N04 Philosophy and wisdom traditions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
TEO D04 Faith and life in the Orthodox churches
TRV N02 Ancient philosophy and the making of theology in early Christianity
TEO B61 Church history

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My profile in Lund University research portal

- Editor for Patristica Nordica (with Prof. Samuel Rubenson), 2012-
- Review editor for Patristica Nordica Annuaria, 2008-
- Coordinator for the research programme "Early Monasticism and Classical Paideia" (Riksbankens jubileumsfond), 2012-2014
- Coordinator for the masterprogram Religious Roots of Europe, Lund University, 2011-2012

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