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I have studied at Stockholm University, Yale University and Uppsala University and hold a Ph.D. in Economic History from Stockholm University (1976) and a Th.D. in Sociology of Religion from Uppsala University (1990). I am docent in Sociology of Religion at Uppsala University since 1991, and from 1997 to 2011 I was professor of Migration Studies at Lund University.

My previous employments include: Stockholm University (The Institute for International Economic Studies), Uppsala University, the Swedish Parliament, The Government Offices of Sweden (The Swedish Commission for Immigration Research), and the Church of Sweden.

My research is focused on the following areas:
Religious "market structures", religious pluralism, and secularization processes;
Unchurched religion and spirituality;
Changes in religiosity, world-views and values in connection with international migration.


About the research

Selected publications:

"Unchurched spirituality". In: P B Clarke (ed), The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Religion. Oxford University Press 2008
Stark, R, Hamberg & Miller, A, Exploring Spirituality and Unchurched Religions in America, Sweden, and Japan, Journal of Contemporary Religion 2005
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Hamberg & Pettersson, T, Religious Markets: Supply, Demand, and Rational Choices. In: Jelen, T G (ed), Sacred Markets, Sacred Canopies: Essays on Religious Markets and Religious Pluralism. 2002
Pettersson, T & Hamberg, Denominational Pluralism and Church Membership in Contemporary Sweden, Journal of Empirical Theology 1997
Hamberg & Pettersson, T, Short-term Changes in Religious Supply and Church Attendance in Contemporary Sweden, Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion 1997
World-views and Value Systems among Immigrants: Long-term Stability or Change?, Sociale Wetenschappen 1995
Hamberg & Pettersson, T, The Religious Market: Denominational Competition and Religious Participation in Contemporary Sweden, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (JSSR) 1994
Stability and Change in Religious Beliefs, Practice, and Attitudes: A Swedish Panel Study, JSSR 1991
Studies in the Prevalence of Religious Beliefs and Religious Practice in Contemporary Sweden. 1990
Studier i internationell migration. 1976


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Eva Hamberg

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