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Since the autumn of 2015 I am a doctoral student in Practical Theology with special interest in Swedish medieval homily and liturg. In this area of interest I have a special focus on the monastery of Vadstena, founded by Sta. Birgitta of Sweden.

I got both my degrees from Lund University. In 2011 I got my Bachelor´s degree in New Testament Studies and in 2013 I got my Master´s degree in Practical Theology. I translated and analysed six sermons from the beginning of the 16th century, delivered by the confessor general Nicolaus Ragvaldi to the sisters in the abbey of Vadstena.

In the autumn of 2015 I got my Bachelor´s degree in Latin from Lund university. The bachelor thesis is a textual edition of a section from a liturgical book focusing on the blessings of farms, written by a priest in the diocese of Lund in 1552.


About the research

My research focus upon Late medieval religiosity with a particular focus on sermons, saints and liturgy. I am particularly interested in Vadstena Abbey and St. Birgitta of Sweden. My area of expertise is medieval sermons in general and Swedish medieval sermons in particular. Sermons on saints, rhetoric, form and the functions of saints in this massmedium is the focus of my dissertation in addition to questions on potential groups of audiences. Two articles are published that investigates groups of audiences in sermons in general and sermons to the sisters in Vadstena Abbey from the beginning of the 16th-century in particular. In addition to the mentioned interests, I have been working on liturgical handbooks  from the middle of the 16th-century Denmark. I have prepared and am planning to publish "Severinus homiliebok" from 1552, a liturgical handbook from the area of Lund, in the coming years.

I am also doing translations from Latin to Swedish of older texts from late antiquity to the Reformation.


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Erik Claeson

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