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Since 2003, I work as a lecturer in Philosophy of Religion at the Center for Theology and Religious Studies. I am also an associate professor in the same subject. Teaching, supervision, research, and administrative assignments - in different proportions at different times - characterize my everyday life.

My research interest is predominantly communication about hard-to-conceptualize entities such as god, the unspeakable, the totality of being, meaning of life, etc. What I enjoy most about my work is to follow doctoral students through graduate education. It is a privilege to be allowed to contribute to them honing their new ideas and arguments and finally launching them in the form of the thesis. The current year, 2019, I am a member of the CTR's board and HT's nomination committee.


About the research

I regard philosophical work primarily as disentangling. By clarifying what explicit or implicit presuppositions a certain argument or problem is based on, and how the argument can be evaluated depending on what stance is taken in different ethical, conceptual, philosophical, gender theoretical etc issues, I hold that an important part of the philosophical work is done.

For me the great satisfaction with philsosophy of religion is that so much can be encompassed within the subject: all (possible and impossible) philosophical problems that arise from religious phenomena may be discussed and analyzed, all ideas and arguments may be suggested and tested, since there are no given or unquestionable answers.

My basic scientific stance contain an openness for all ideas and problemareas until they have been shown to be untenable or irrelevant, and then always relative to a certain context, question, problem or scientific paradigm.


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Erica Appelros

Reader, Senior Lecturer
Studies in Faith and World Views
Centre for Theology and Religious Studies

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