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Currently I am a researcher and lecturer at the Centre of Theology and Religious Studies at Lund University. As a church historian I am involved in a four year project on ”Integration and tradition: The Making of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Sweden” from the perspective of how traditions are transmitted and negotiated on a congregation level. My research has primarily been focused on the early church, and I participated in the international research programme ”Early Monasticism and Classical Paideia” between 2012-2015. As a reflection of my interests I have been teaching courses about the rise of monasticism, liturgical embodiment and the Orthodox churches in Sweden and the Middle East. Next to teaching and research I am also co-editor of Patristica Nordica Annuaria, and coordinator of the joint master’s programme ”The Religious Roots of Europe”, which studies the early sources of Christianity, Judaism and Islam in a comparative perspective.



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Andreas Westergren

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