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Organizations in the inter-religious and political relations hit a catchy challenge. In an increasingly secular society, some organizations chooses Interreligious Dialogue, but perhaps they also have mission as an underlying cause for dialogue.

My current research focuses on relationships between Muslim organizations with "the other" political and religious organizations in Sweden. SMR, Islamic Council of Sweden, is an umbrella organization of several Islamic organizations in Sweden. In 1994 a group of Muslims who were part of SMR entered into partnership with the Christian organization of the Social Democratic Party. The cooperation caused controversy and ended in 2006. Another attempt for cooperation also failed in 2013.My research focuses to answer questions about why this cooperation was not a success, including who took part in the dialogue, contacts, partners and ideologies that affected them.



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- International Conference at Swedish Institut in Alexandria, Egypt, 2002

- Conference at Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, 2004

Sameh Egyptson

Doctoral Student
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Centre for Theology and Religious Studies

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