Course 7.5 credits • KRMD28

Is Christianity nationalist by nature or quite the contrary? If not nationalist, then what accounts for a perplexing alliance between nationalist movements and politicians and churches? Does nationalism hijack Christianity or are Christian churches forming alliances with politicians in to further their interests? Such questions arise when pondering the relationship between Christianity and politics in the USA, Russia, Brazil, Europe and beyond. This course helps you to form a nuanced and multifaceted picture of the historical interdependencies and interchange between Christianity and nationalism both in present and in the past, globally.

Teaching – spring semester of 2022

From 9 February, more teaching will be conducted on campus. During the gradual return to campus, some digital teaching will continue. Hence, it is very important that you pay attention to information from your teacher and potential changes in your schedule in Canvas and/or TimeEdit.

Study period: spring semester 2022
Type of studies: part time, 25 %, distance course
Study period: 2022-01-17 – 2022-06-05
Language of instruction: English
Eligibility: To be admitted to the course, students must have 30 credits in a subject of their choice.

Application code: LU-E2000

Application code: LU-77725

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