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I was born in 1934, TD (practical theology) in 1973, PhD (education) in 1986. I have served as a lecturer and associate professor at the Malmoe School of Education, Lund University, since 1968, appointed professor of didactics at the University of Oslo in 1991, professor of practical theology in Lund in 1992, TD h.c.. in Turku in 2005, a member of La Société Royale des Lettres de Lund since 1993 and corresponding member of Agder Academy of Sciences and Letters since 2005.


About the research

My research concerns mainly the areas of hymnology, religious education and law and religion. I have among other projects organized a Nordic research network on “Lutheran Easter sermons in the Nordic folk-churches”, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, and another Nordic research network on “Martin Luther´s hymns in Nordic churches and in the life of the people”, funded by the joint committee for Nordic research councils in the humanities and social sciences, NOS-HS. I have started up and been a member on the board in the project “Law and Religion in the 21st Century – Nordic Perspectives” and carried out historic and actual research on the Church life in the diocese of Lund.

Current projects today are especially problems concerning the relationship between hymns, poetry and culture, particularly with reference to language, and to the relationship between the hymn singing in the traditional life of the people as well as to the relationship between modern texts and music related to existential questions of life in a pedagogical and theological perspective.


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Other tasks and qualifications

Several missions as a faculty opponent in Uppsala, Turku, Roskilde, Osloand Trondheim. Missions for evaluation of theological acadedmic studies inNorway, Finland, Estonia and Latvia. The editor of the Yearbook for Swedishworship life in 1999–2010, now a member of the editorial group. Chairman ot thenetwork of hymnological research in the Nordic countries, NORDHYMN, until 2012.Leader of internordic research projects in homiletics and hymnology.

Sven-Åke Selander

Professor Emeritus
Church and Mission Studies
Centre for Theology and Religious Studies

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