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I am a PhD student in the History of Religion. My research focuses on the religious scene of the late ancient world, with focus on Early Christianity, especially the Nag Hammadi texts and the Valentinian material.
I teach the courses "Ancient Gnosticism: Text and Traditions" and "Religion in Antiquity"


About the research

My main focus is the Valentinian text called "The Tripartite Tractate" (NHC I:V) (hence Tri.Trac.). There are many aspects that remained to be researched concerning this text. Four text critical works have been written on this fascinating text, but not a single thematically monograph. My dissertation is mainly focused with the philosophical context of the text. I will attempt to answer questions like: who was the intended recipient? What sort of text is this? Genre? I investigates theological and philosophical issues and the text's relation to early Christian authors like Origen, Clement and Irenaeus, from the perspective of certain philosophical discussions. For example, I am very interested in the discussions on free will and I argue that Tri. Trac. presents one particular understanding of the question of free will which other Christians reacted against, like Origen and Irenaeus. My dissertation will attempt to show that to get a better understanding of Tri. Trac. we need to pay close heed to Christian reception of Stoic and Platonic epistemology, theory of emotions and discussion on free will.


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Paul Linjamaa

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History of Religions and Religious Behavioural Science
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