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My dissertation ("Drought, Death and the Sun in Ugarit and Ancient Israel") concentrated on the link between ancient Ugaritic religion and language and the Hebrew linguistic and religious culture expressed in the Old Testament. I primarily work with philological material from the Ancient Near East, including texts in Hebrew, Ugaritic, Akkadian, Hittite and Coptic. I have also written about subjects as the classical Hebrew tense system in the light of comparative language typology. Other research interests include ancient Gnostic and Gnosticizing literature, especially its relation to historical motifs from the OT world. I have published annotated translations from Ugaritic and Akkadian, and also popular works on comparative linguistics. Currently, I am working on early Indo-European motifs in the world of the OT, Northwest Semitic histocial phonology, as well as on a project on what philology and exegetics can teach us about communcating into the future about nuclear waste management.



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Ola Wikander

Senior Lecturer
Biblical Studies
Centre for Theology and Religious Studies

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