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Bachelor of Education - Philosophy & Swedish (1988)
Master of Arts - Literature (2003)
Bachelor of Theology - Philosophy of religion (2009)

My field of study is the philosophy of religion. The philosophy of religion works with problems of central importance to man and society, especially questions concerning meaning and truth.

My thesis deals with the question of how we construct the reality we live in, every day reality as well as subatomic and religious reality. The hypothesis is that there is no given unambiguous cut between a subject and an object of knowledge, but that this cut is actively situated at every knowledge event.

The aim of the thesis is to delineate a relationalist perspective, and use this perspective to try to contribute constructively to the discussion concerning the issues of truth, reference and reality construction in general, and more specifically to the question of how to understand religious experience and religious phenomena.


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Other tasks and qualifications

Matz Hammarström

Doctoral Student
Studies in Faith and World Views
Centre for Theology and Religious Studies

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