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Master of Theology in New Testament Exegesis, M.A in English linguistics (translation studies) and Biblical languages

I am a Ph.D. student in New Testament with a special focus on NT language. Since 2009 I work as an adjunct professor and supervisor in NT exegesis. I began my doctoral studies in 2011 and spent a year as a visiting researcher at Tyndale House in Cambridge 2016-17.

In my thesis project I investigate time, tense and motion in Aristotle, the Stoics and Dionysius Thrax and the implications for the understanding of tense in New Testament Greek. Other research interests include the history of NT research, Friedrich Schleiermacher and hermeneutics.

During 2013/14 I was the president of the Humanistic and theological doctoral student council and during 2014/15 of Lund Doctoral Student Union. During 2013-15 I was International Network Co-ordinator for Society of Biblical Literature's Student Advisory Board.

Visiting researcher at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, autumn 2017.


About the research

My thesis addresses two main issues related to the synoptic gospels. First, the matter of style as expressed in the theological-grammatical profile of each synoptist and, second, how these profiles are reflected in translation into modern languages, such as English and Swedish.

This inquiry is motivated by the fact that New Testament language studies to a great extent has been far behind in drawing on the most recent insights within general and Greek linguistics. Much New Testament research has been dependent on Greek grammar resources produced in the late 1800s or early 1900s, i.e. before general linguistics as a discipline even was born. This thesis is a contribution to rectifying this situation by a linguistically informed stylistic-theological analysis of a number of synoptic parallels, where the results of the analysis are applied to translation.

From a systemic-functional perspective the theory of verbal aspect in Greek, where the non-temporal subjective perspective of each synoptist - as opposed to the traditional temporal view – is emphasised, as well as that of discourse theory, where the text is approached from a holistic perspective. Through the systemic-functionally tagged Integrated Greek New Testament (IGNT) database, the results are verified by a comparative cross-checking against the complete corpus of the synoptic gospels.

Supervisor: Samuel Byrskog, Stephen Levinsohn


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Book chapters (2)
Encyclopaedia entries (6)
Conference contributions (5)
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Other tasks and qualifications

Administrative assignments

President of Lund Doctoral Student Union, 2014-2015
International Netwok Co-ordinator of Society of Biblical Literature's Student Advisory Board, 2013-
Member in the University Collegium (vice-chancellor election), 2014
Member of the nomination committee of the Humanistic and Theological Doctoral Student Council, 2014
Member in the board of Lund Doctoral Student Union, 2013-2014
Board member in the communications group of Lund Doctoral Student Union, 2013-2014
Chairman of the Humanistic and Theological Doctoral Student Council, 2013-2014
Ph.D. student representative in the Board for third cycle studies, the humanistic and theological faculties, 2012-2014

Teaching qualifications

Teacher's Training:

Teaching Colloquy, 2010
Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: An Introduction, 2012
Screencasting, 2013
Connect, step 1 & 2, 2013
To supervise papers, 2014
Learning and teaching in higher education, continuation, 2015 autumn

Teaching Experience:

English teacher

2007, autumn term
Exegesis, Luke, level: undergraduate and graduate (Hamilton, Canada)

2009, spring term
Supervision of three B.A. theses (Hamilton, Canada)

2010, spring term
Supervision of four B.A. theses (Hamilton, Canada)

2010, autumn term
Jesus and the Gospels, level: undergraduate (Uppsala)

2011, autumn term
Supervision of B.A. thesis (Uppsala)

2012, spring term
Greek Exegesis II, Mark & John, level: undergraduate and graduate level (Uppsala)
Jesus and the Gospels, level: undergraduate (Uppsala)

2012, autumn term
Jesus and the Gospels, level: undergraduate and graduate level (Brno)

2013, spring term
Luke & Acts, level: undergraduate (Uppsala)
Supervision of B.A. thesis (Uppsala)

2014, spring term
Supervision of B.A. thesis (Uppsala)
Jesus and the Gospels, indep study, level: undergraduate (Uppsala)

2015, autumn term
BIVB21/D21 Bible Science, level: undergraduate (Lund)

2016, spring term
BIVB23/D23 Bible Science: continuation course 1, level: undergraduate (Lund)

Honours and scholarships

Summa cum laude for B.A. in Theology, 2001
Full one-year scholarship, Sweden-America Foundation/ Borgrättsfonderna, handed over by Her Majesty the Crown Princess Victoria, 2009
Some twenty scholarships from various foundations and organizations

Professional Memberships

Society of Biblical Literature, 2007-
Svenska Exegetiska Sällskapet, 2010-
International Systemic Functional Linguistics
Association, 2012-
Nordic Society for Systemic Functional
Linguistics, 2012-
Tyndale Fellowship, Cambridge 2014-

Other qualifications

Research and teaching assistant of prof. Stanley E. Porter, McMaster Divinity College, Canada, 2007-2008.
Research and teaching assistant of ass. prof. Anders Gerdmar, Uppsala University, 2001, 2009.

Jan Nylund

Doctoral Student
Biblical Studies
Centre for Theology and Religious Studies

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