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Master of Social Science (2005) and Degree for teaching in upper secondary school (2008). Ph.D. in Migration Studies at the Center for Theology and Religious Studies (2013).

Through qualitative interviews and field studies, my dissertation examines the social situation at school for students that have migrated to Sweden during their last four years at compulsory school or during upper secondary school. In short the research questions are about: the interviewed students´ experiences of social interaction between students; possibilities and hindrances for social inclusion at school and how the interviewed students handle eventual hindrances; the social positions of the interviewed students at school and what determines these positions; the significance of the interviewed students´religious or non-religious affiliations for the social interaction between students and the social consequenses of the schools´receptions systems for newcomer immigrant students.


Eva Skowronski

Visiting Research Fellow
History of Religions and Religious Behavioural Science
Centre for Theology and Religious Studies

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