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My previous studies include:

* BSSc and MSSc (University of Helsinki). Main focus on communications and media, especially representations of ethnicity, identity politics, intercultural encounters, multiculturalism and racism. In my Master’s Thesis I analysed discourses of the Roma minority in Finnish newspaper articles.

* BTh and MTh (University of Helsinki). Focus on systematic theology and especially postcolonial theologies and liberation theologies. In my Master’s Thesis I studied George E. Tinker’s postcolonial theology and its paradigmatic structures. Tinker is a Native American scholar and protestant theologian who applies critical postcolonial theory in his work.

My research interests include:

* Postcolonial Theologies & Postcolonial criticism
* Interreligious dialogue
* Theology of Religions
* Intercultural Encounters
* Identity, Gender, Ethnicity
* Liberation Theologies
* Indigenous Theologies
* Communication theories


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Marjaana Toiviainen

Kyrko- och missionsstudier
Centrum för teologi och religionsvetenskap


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