The Patristic day 2023: Origen of Alexandria and His Legacy

24 april 2023 10:15 till 16:30 Konferens

Origen of Alexandria is one of the most influential thinkers in the history of Christianity. His reputation in the history of Christianity is, however, a disputed one, because of the charges of heresy which were directed against him after his death. In the 20th century, a new scholarly interest in Origen’s work was sparked, and this interest is still very much alive among scholars of early Christian studies worldwide. This year’s Patristic day will be devoted to Origen and his legacy.



10.15 Introduction

10.30 Carl Johan Berglund, Docent in Biblical Exegesis, Åbo Akademi University: Origen, death, and martyrdom

11.00 Miriam De Cock, PhD in Religious Studies, Dublin City University: A re-evaluation of Origen as homilist in light of Codex Monacensis Graecus 314

11.30 Lavinia Cerioni, PhD in Theology and Religious Studies, Aarhus University: Origen and Valentinianism: The history of a heretic legacy?

12.00 Lunch

13.15 Samuel Rubenson, Professor in Church History, Lund University: Why was Origen condemned?

13.45 Giovanni Hermanin de Reichenfeld, PhD in Theology and Religious Studies, Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum, Rome: Origen’s Legacy: Christianity as a Transformation

14.15 Break

14.45 Anders-Christian Jacobsen, Professor in Systematic Theology, Aarhus University: Origen’s understanding of human freedom – its reception and rejection

15.15 Valeria Dessy, PhD in Theology, Aarhus University: An interpretation of Adolf von Harnack’s system of Origen

15.45 Panel discussion with the speakers and Hans Engdahl, Former Extraordinary Professor in Theology, University of the Western Cape

16.30 Break

17.00 Collegium Patristicum Lundense annual meeting

18.30 Dinner (LUX staff dining room)


Registration (if you plan to partake at dinner) to Katarina Pålsson (katarina.palsson@ctr.lu.se) no later than April 15. Registration fee: 300 SEK. The fee can be paid in advance to pg 17 46 32-0, or on the spot.




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24 april 2023 10:15 till 16:30



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