2013: Researching Enchanted World

On the topic of the seminar

For Max Weber, Entzauberung or disenchantment was one of the hallmarks of modernization. Academic research with its widely accepted methodological atheism can be seen as a clearly modern phenomenon in that sense. At the same time, however, the researchers do not always personally subscribe or represent a completely disenchanted worldview. When researching enchanted worldviews, as is the case in much of studies of Christianity outside of the Western cultural sphere, the research object often represents a world that strongly differs both from the academic and the researcher’s personal views. As a result, in this field of tension between these three worlds the researcher needs to find ways to cope that represent simultaneously sound methodology, ethical integrity and are personally acceptable. This is largely a matter of how to position oneself in research. Anthropologists and theologians have both been involved in the study of world Christianity. There have been both points of contact and divergence in the approaches and methods. This time, anthropologists of Christianity as well as all others studying world Christianity are invited to ponder these issues through lectures and discussion as well as doctoral students’ papers on the following day. This seminar functions at the same time as a NIME joint Nordic seminar, and the papers will be grouped according to the topics. NO REGISTRATION IS NEEDED FOR THE OPEN SEMINAR ON TUESDAY 26/3. FOR 27/3 DOCTORAL SEMINAR REGISTRATION IS NEEDED - EVEN FOR THOSE NOT PRESENTING A PAPER. (Registration - see the left section of this webpage.)