Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies is a broad field that includes the study of the history, culture, religion, languages and literature of the Jewish people from ancient to modern times. The approach to Jewish Studies is interdisciplinary and involves a variety of combinations of studies in religion, languages, history, sociology and literature.

Jewish society, texts, ideologies and institutions are studied in relation to the surrounding societies and cultures. Some examples of current research areas within Jewish Studies are the study of Second Temple Judaism including the early Jesus movement, the emergence of Rabbinic Judaism, rabbinic literature, Jewish literature and culture in medieval Spain, the medieval shtetls of eastern Europe, Jewish mysticism, Hassidism, Zionism and modern ultra-orthodox society.

The Centre for Theology and Religious Studies has recently revived the PhD program in Jewish Studies. The graduate program is divided into four subfields: history and literature of ancient Judaism, medieval Jewish history and literature, early modern Jewish history and modern Judaism.


Karin Zetterholm, Reader, Senior Lecturer

Johan Åberg, Senior Lecturer